A downloadable game for Windows

SEVEN is a psychological thriller where you awaken as a man that has lost all memories of himself and the life he once knew. There is only one way to regain these memories and it requires coming face to face with the seven deadly sins. This game was released under the Ravens Tale Studio name, but has since been changed to Sun Blossom Studios. This game was made in 30 days to be released for the RPG Maker Indie Game Contest in 2014.

A unique story featuring fully-voiced characters in a dark world, this game will take approximately 1-1.5 hours to play and finish. There's a few puzzles/riddles within the game, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys visual novels.

This game works on Windows OS only.

Install instructions

Due to Ren'Py not being a popular game engine, your computer may prompt you to agree with downloading the file. After downloading the ZIP file, extract the game and open the 'Seven-1.0-Win' file folder. Run the game by double clicking on the 'Seven.exe' file. The game should begin. Please let me know if you have any trouble following the directions or if something doesn't work.


SEVEN.zip 93 MB